Julio Cesar Chavez Sr on Floyd Mayweather vs Terence Crawford

On the topic of hypothetical fights involving big stars of the past that never happened.

Nor will ever.

As frivolous, fatuous, peripheral, marginal and unessential to some as they are, are quite enjoyable to a number of fight fans nonetheless.

The best boxer of the most recent generation Floyd Mayweather often gets lumped into a few figment bouts.

What would have happened if he fought Pacquiao in his prime, or Antonio Margarito at his best, in slightly disharmonic conversations among fans, as well as chats regarding alleged sparring that Errol Spence did well with him in, one name never gets mentioned of this era.

Arguably one of the very best boxers of today’s times.

Terence ‘Bud’ Crawford.

Perhaps sometimes abstruse as many at that matured level of accomplishment and ability level are, a tactically, indisputably and unequivocally, technically gifted prize fighter at the top of his game — who has shown himself in his epoch to be one of the best technicians of the modern boxing period.

How would his style have translated to a fight with Mayweather at 147 lbs. though?

You’d have to think it would have a been a fascinating fight and pit of pugilistic wit, timing, reflexes, punch selection, trap setting, counter delivering, mid-fight fast as the speed of light thought-inducing engagement.

Another one, slightly off topic, but, what would a fight with a bigger version of one Guillermo Rigondeaux of Cuba have been like with Mayweather?

When pitting these boxing chess masters in these theoretical scenarios it is head wrecking.


One legend of the past in boxing however had his say to EsNews YouTube (hat tip). Regarding the subject matter herein.

As well as on a possible Crawford vs Pacquiao fight. Mexico’s boxing legend Julio Cesar Chavez:


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