Blonde Bombshell and Claressa Shields Agree On Something

When it comes to probably the three biggest names that do legitimate numbers in America for women’s boxing you’re talking Laila Ali, Claressa Shields and now, Australian, Ebanie Bridges.

Respectfully, nothing else counts or comes close when you are talking genuine, big interest in women’s boxing, from a big numbers perspective.

It still has a long way to go to see big pay days for the women boxers as the networks will only put up the money if the numbers are there. Simple as that.

This is something Ebanie Bridges agrees with world champion and women’s boxing trailblazer Claressa Shields on:

Fair play.

Until the networks and events holders can get the money together, that’s it for women’s boxing for now as Shields was carrying it on her own for ages numbers-wise.

It’s just not big enough to keep the biggest name in women’s boxing in it anymore, as clearly shown be her above.

Hopefully down the road this will change.

As, there is plenty of depth and quality in women’s boxing there now. It’s a shame Shields has had to leave just for now.

Just not enough interest or money in it at the end of the day.

If the best match ups are put on however and absolutely outstanding fights occur, this will change.

Plenty of other outstanding women boxers out there who will need to be matched well.

We wish Shields the best in her new venture.


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