As World Reopens Las Vegas Once Again Fight Capital Of The World

Look, nothing against anyone or any State but now that America, once again, is leading the world in terms of how the country deals with world disasters, same old same old, has things under control and things are getting back to normal, who cares about places like Florida who took all the big fights recently.

Respectfully that’s it for them for now.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA is the fight capital of the world at the end of the day and it was good to see they had full capacity for the first time recently.

Very good.

More importantly though, outside of just the big fights, boxing should look to more less known States though to try to grow the sport right across the country.

Not just in certain States.

In every State damn it. We know this is possible. Boxing should be in towns and cities across every State in the country. Why not? Says who?

Last time we checked no one damn it. Anything is possible. The best is yet to come. To the various feds who can help with this across the country, in due course, respectfully, get a bloody move on about it too when the time comes.

Las Vegas in particular being the fight capital of the world with the new stadium there can be huge on a worldwide level for boxing in the years ahead.

All roads lead to Nevada at the end of the day for the big fights.

New York finished too for now until maybe they can get their act together again for boxing.

What about New Jersey though. Lots of potential there. Alabama, Washington and many other States too.

Nothing against Florida but look things opening up again now and the big fights again no doubt will of course be brought back to Vegas.

As the fight capital of the world and Mecca of boxing.


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