Vergil Ortiz Makes Good Point About Errol Spence Injury

It makes no logical, sober-minded sense that Errol Spence would fake injury ahead of next week’s now shelved (for him) fight with Manny Pacquiao.

Pacquiao has since had a replacement opponent drafted in.

For Spence, it is rehab likely for the rest of the year.

The seriousness of the injury pointed out by his fellow boxer Vergil Ortiz:

Boxing is a short career for professional fighters.

The main thing here is for Spence to recover so his vision and sight is not impaired, let alone for his boxing career, but for his health and remainder of his life.

At least Pacquiao got a somewhat live replacement opponent next week, so, the fight date at least still goes ahead for boxing fans, moreover.

Speedy recovery to Spence.