Elements Of US Government Corruption To Be Brutally Exposed

Quick update for you all, our readers, in the big fight news in the world.

Yes the Russia Ukraine war is bad but there could be something even more sinister happening within elements of the US government.

Over time we have been carefully noting some various points of information, lawfully, about potentially some very corrupt and criminal elements of the US government and their foreign embassies, specifically, in Dublin, Ireland. It is easy to see why now so many have successfully sued the US in recent years, for a lot less, too ?No longer want to go there anymore after dealing with their crooked embassy in Dublin, Ireland today.


Errol Spence Back In The Lab

Watch: Errol Spence Back In The Lab

Life is too short to deal with bums like that and the truth is, humbly many countries have been trying to get us to move and stay there in recent years. Time to move on now and start some new businesses now too 🙂

We can see why now why companies like Google try not to talk to the US government much about various things, as Google have likely seen also how corrupt and potentially criminal a small element of them are, who will be dealt with in due course lawfully in America. Watch and see. Pay attention to everything going on in America at the moment. The US government is collapsing all the time and their press secretary quitting recently is only the start of what’s to come. Watch those crooks at pre-clearance security at Dublin airport they got working for them here too over here! Both them and their Dublin embassy should be watched. Crooks! Enjoy your stay in Ireland. What goes around comes around and God is in control of all things. Watch and see what happens next.

Belfast great people though in their Embassy in Belfast.


Errol Spence Back In The Lab

Watch: Errol Spence Back In The Lab

How they operate some of their Embassies in different countries is making them weaker as a country every day now. Worldwide. God is control at the end of the day for all us mere mortals to follow best we can — and good always defeats evil. Power to the people.

Things can all change in a drop of a hat for America. Easily and without effort.

This current administration looks like it will be on the way out in the midterms and the upcoming next election for sure.

You see all the carnage going on in America at the moment with people quitting their jobs at the White House at the moment, the Democrats won’t last and the relevant people in America will continue to expose their crooked, small elements in their government. No way would live and work in although a great country, with great people, but the worst government in the history of the world. Them and elements of the Irish government will all be sorted with lawfully as time goes on watch and see ?

Anyway, no worries. The best is yet to come for the world and humanity anyway. All day, all day 🙂

Bit hurt at the moment like anyone would be but as usual back soon as always, new beginnings and new crypto and blockchain websites to come as well as still being on here regularly boxing still the best sport in the world! 🙂

Will always be a huge supporter and fan of boxing no matter what.

Until the end.