Dr. Fauci Latest To Quit and Stand Down From US Government

The summer of huge change in America continues as many, almost daily now are quitting their jobs for the Democratic Party in the United States.

But also some of the bureaucrats and civil servants behind the scenes are also taking off in a hurry it seems.

The latest being Dr. Anthony Fauci.

As for the Democrats, a party in huge decline on the domestic front.

Some have suggested Donald Trump may be close to announcing a comeback soon for the Republicans as the next President.

But it is unclear and also not confirmed who in fact will run for the Republicans.

America, a country massively in the fight news in the world at the moment.


With respect to Mr. Fauci, just briefly, we spoke on Dr. Fauci one time previously as pertaining to something he said relevant to current war time and fight news the world find itself in.

It has now been confirmed that Mr. Fauci is set to retire after a long career:


Have a nice life doc.

The summer of 2022 is proving to be one of the most substantial changes for the Democratic party of the United States and the traditional power mechanisms of government for so many years now unravelling all the time in America.

The US is the main ally to Ukraine in the war and big fight news at the moment from Russia.