US Democrats In Unprecedented Savage Beating As Entire System Itself Is Changing

America while doing well worldwide and internationally, on the domestic front, sadly is seeing massive problems both from crime to inflation.

It appears upon reasonable analysis, programmatic and looked at from all sides and taking into account different angles, that Democratic-led cities in the US and places, be it places like LA, Chicago and Illinois for instance, are all burning down or else businesses are fleeing from them, and are really suffering at the moment:,hp1bt

No good.

Some serious fight news there.

More democrats being asked to leave the Party also internally:

Hopefully the deaths and brutal prices in some of these regions in the US can turn around and get back on track.

If not, that’s it on the domestic front of the fight news for America.

People forget though that America isn’t just America, though.

It is all the bases and places around the world the country has that makes them so relevant to this world fight and war news at the moment.

It appears massive change is occurring across the entire US system domestically away from that.

Both private sectors and government alike.

Everything is changing now and it looks like the Republicans can easily vote someone next in as President.

Depending on whoever they want that is.

These losses will be too substantial for the Democrats to recover from now likely.

The fight news in America and in the world continues.

Who knows who will run for Republicans or Democrats as the next President but it also appears former contender Hilary Clinton has now also been removed from the race already as a potential contender: