White House Staff Leave As Huge Change Occurs In US System

Just like that it seems every day now more and more either quit working for the US government or more changes occur in US big tech companies, the traditional media being in major trouble, to the entire legal system in different States right across America changing, as well as the financial system itself, everything is changing now it seems.


Every day that goes by.

In the world too, moreover, as regards all these fights and wars that keep breaking out and sparking up.

Latest departures reported now being this:

(Hat tip Fox News YouTube)

The US, as a relevant country and player in the big fight news in the world at the moment, is currently a major force and heck of a competitor still in so many of the fights between different countries, regions and continents.

At this particular time.

It will be interesting to see the transformation of America by the end of the summer with respect to the big fight news in the world.

Particularly during these unprecedented times.