America Forced To Rethink Their Military Exchanges In China Fight

In the big fight news in the world at the moment two competitors in the form of America and China have been at the forefront in recent times.

Heck of a fight.

From all standpoints.

Now, this report (hat tip CNN) sheds more light on how America have ordered a full review in the military interactions between the two nations:


Seems like America are finally starting to take the fight to China on the front foot now.

Pressing the action.

Best defense is a good offense.

Tremendous match up.

Between two solid competitors.

China’s economy recently got cracked again massively.

Setting them back seriously and undoing years of their hard work as a nation.

In terms of forecasted growth.

All in all, no one can accurately project or predict anything in terms of GDP currently.

A trivial exercise at best.

Or economic figures fully at this particular time.

As everything is changing daily.

Just have to trust the process and enjoy the journey one day at a time.

Nobody knows what the future holds or the day or the hour it all comes to an end 🙂

Just believe in the future 🙂

Only being that knows everything is God.

Not all of us mere mortals.

That’s for sure.