China Threatens America With Force If Pelosi Goes To Taiwan

Some genuine movement taking place in the America and China fight at the moment.

Battle formations appear to be forthcoming in both sides according on pragmatic review, of all reports, on all sides.

This report breaking below confirmed in the fight news, now, that if Nancy Pelosi, the controversial politician in America, goes to Taiwan next month, that it will be met with force by China (forceful measures per below):

Taiwan and the entire region has become a minefield in recent times.

With considerable conflict and fight potential been reported by major news publishers all the time in the region.

It appears that Pelosi’s visit could be the final thing it takes to start direct fighting in the region.

It would be a fight involving a lot of countries too in that region.

In a time period which has seen Japan and other countries come to the assistance of America and more in the region.

Who have stated they will defend and protect Taiwan.