Watch: Brutal Attack Shows Ukraine Blowing Up 3 Tanks In Russia Fight

The following footage shows the brutal nature of the current Ukraine Russia fight.

That of which has a heightened sense of intensity as the fight continues:

(Hat tip US Federation Forces YouTube channel)

The Russia Ukraine fight is certainly central in the big fight news in the world.

So much changing at the moment around the world.

The entire system itself appears to be changing from America to various parts of the world.

On top of drug wars and horrific burning alive of places with extreme heat.

Seems like in some places the world is really on fire at the moment.

To tech companies involved in litigation.

Against the Musk guy from Twitter this week apparently.

Interesting some of the share prices of some of these companies at the moment.

On the economic side of things.

No one knows why all these things happen.

That said, seems like it will be a brutal end for both the Musk guy and Twitter in their big fight ?

As for the brutal fight between Russia and Ukraine central to the current fight news at the moment, the fight continues.