Billionaires Begin To Flee China As Chinese Economy Gets Hit and Wealth Directly Removed Simultaneously As Communism Gets Thrown In The Bin

Chinese a great bunch of people.

Some of the best people you’d ever meet are Chinese people of course.

But with respect to the fight news in the world at the moment between America and China, due to a small few bad apples in the solely Chinese Communist Party this year, and their actions, a huge wealth mass exodus is in the process now.

Not forgetting, moreover, there’s more.

That’s on top of their domestic economy been hit right across mainland China:

That should set the Chinese Communist Party agenda, way of living and livelihoods back a good 50 or 60 years or so.

Singapore not as powerful a financial powerhouse in the world either for traditionally China to shift profits or wealth too.

Could be a great opportunity for private Chinese individuals who have nothing to do with the Communist Party, who clearly are fleeing from them in China with their wealth for better capital and business opportunities, to invest shrewdly in places like Italy for instance — with a strong Chinese contingent who have nothing to do with Communism or the Communist Party of China.


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