The Systems (The Matrix) Of The World Seem To Be Breaking During War Time Fights

In the big fight news in the world in the Russia Ukraine fight, seems like there is more fights and more wars being spoken about all the time, which no sober minded, reasonable, sane person wants, surely.

So much so that inflation and governance systems in many countries are changing or breaking down all the time.

Seems like there is a bigger thing happening, though.

That maybe some are not seeing, just yet.

Look a little closer.

Look obviously not all people in corporate media or governments are peddling false stuff but you must be wise and decipher what you can to help you and others around you, hopefully.

Maybe, just maybe, some are not asking the right questions…

Or maybe they are not looking in the right places…

Who knows.

Whatever the case might be, inflation is continuing to climb all the time and if you compare the systems in the world, to the Matrix (the popular hit movie), with all the disinformation and bull of the world systems crumbling (crypto making a slight comeback at the moment too despite what experts predicted only a few months ago), this maybe a little bit deep but a good watch:

Who knows.

Team good always win in the end though. The world will be fine at the end/beginning of the next world whenever that may come. Love is the answer. Love conquers all. War never wanted by anyone surely but of course before the world began there was war between good and evil which was necessary then surely.

No one knows all the answers. Certainly not all us mere mortals on here.

Only God knows when it all plays out and it is going to go down exactly how he wants it to, no doubt about it 🙂

Through God all things are possible, that’s for sure. Who knows, maybe the aliens will come and get us next! 🙂

The above movie though, only a movie, sure, but if nothing else, gets you thinking about the big picture a bit.

Cool movie.


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