Boxing Chief Makes A Good Point During The War Times Of 2022

You know, even in these war times you lives in, in the fight between good and evil in the war times the world finds itself in whether Russia vs Ukraine, and various other nations talking about preparing to compete in competition in direct warfare with one another, a lot to be grateful for still.

Hopefully some of them are more of them start to genuinely pursue more peace.

The war business is just a business of course. Like anything else in this world.

But a lot of good can come even through these war times for the world at the moment.

Whether that’s good people and family, the sun on your back enjoying life and always laughing and smiling — you don’t need much to get a lot out of life.

That’s life.

No body better than anyone else.

WBC boxing chief and good guy from the nation, of, Mexico, Mauricio Sulaiman, made a very good point today on always trying to help people where you can every day, no matter big or small:

Even with all the bombs dropping and bullets flying in various nations and bodies and corpses continuing to pile up in various nations, still a lot to be grateful for — and enjoy life even during these unprecedented war times.

There’s always been war in human history whether that’s before the world started or now.

That’s just the war business for ya.

But still a lot to be said for the above from Sulaiman.

Good sentiment.

Very good.

Good work.