Kingdom Arises As County Kerry From The Sport Of Irish Football Return To Championship Final In War vs Galway

Recently in a break from the boxing news, war time news and combat sport news, we noticed another tremendous competitor out of nowhere — return to former glory from a different sport.

The current burning planet made a little sense once again.

Traditionally, County Kerry, from the nation, of, Ireland, are widely considered to be the best football team that ever lived in the sport of, Irish football, of all times.

Some say they are born with a football in hand in the crib from birth.

Who knows.

Sometimes the sport is also referred to as but not limited to ‘Irish Gaelic Football’.

County Kerry in the nation of Ireland is known to as ‘The Kingdom’.

They compete with the county of Galway this weekend in Irish football championship final.

Their mentality offers an insight into professional sport and the psychological strengths that some sportsmen often have, whether applying to boxing, combat sport or actual warfare competitors in the current war news between different nations in the killing spree around the world.

We spoke about professional sportsmen mentalities before:


Accessing The Mentality and Psychological Strengths of Professional Sportsmen

Accessing The Psychological Strengths Of Professional Sportsmen

Every good wish this weekend in the Championship.

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