America Need To Laugh Off Empty Threats From Chinese President They Need To Make Him Pay Again

Seems like today there was more threats from China not only at America, not forgetting Australia recently, many other nations too, and of course Taiwan.

Thing is no way they will do anything ?

With respect, how some of these tyrant individuals can take such huge hits in their economy and still pipe up like this is hilarious, seriously, genuinely very funny for sure:

Money and power merchants.

Nothing more.

Biden met it with the following, good response but he’s been ignored, the guy is actually threatening Biden basically.


Taiwan and America basically, and Biden is letting him get away with it, what is he doing, don’t back down, crack him again:

That Chinese guy has been making a lot of mistakes lately.

America and their allies have a far, far stronger (pretty much the free nations of the world – not just the West – much of the East too) network, more good people in the world then bad, and it is time for them to stand up and be counted at this point.

With respect, those threats from tyrants are pathetic and hilarious.