Italia 2022 Study, Finally Made It To Poland Viva Poland, Google Disciplined For Billions, Mexican President Needs To Shut Up, Turkish President Needs To Think About Who His Friends Are, Twitter Soon To Go, Putin Loses The War and More


Hope everyone is doing well or as well as can be in these unprecedented fight news and war news times for the world.

Excuse the delay in getting back on here. Had a number of technical web development issues with this particular site recently and amid travel from Italy to here in Poland now, finally got a travel adapter for computer to work remotely again.

Amazing restaurant on the last night in Rome in Italy, very, very sad to leave Rome and Sicily in particular for now (viva Rome and Sicily) recently and will surely be back soon but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to travel finally to Poland (viva Poland and Italy) – had the privilege and good fortune to enjoy some American and Italian beef fillet and burger on the last night:

Maybe will get to a Polish restaurant soon if lucky.

At any rate, nice to be back on this fight news site.

What a time it has been amid all the carnage, death and trauma for everyone everyday now that goes by.

Saw LA in California is even getting huge wind and mudslide problems now on top of the fire and thunderstorms.

Various parts of the world really in turmoil but on the plus side, Putin next door to us here in Poland is finally losing the war to Ukraine.

Not many thought it was possible.

But Ukraine have and will make the impossible possible, yet again.

Google cracked for many billions again today and no matter how many friends they have protecting and defending them around the world they can’t afford to keep taking these legal and financial losses.


They need to get it together.

That Google Accelerated Mobile Pages project seriously needs to be looked at soon too as it does by WordPress too.

Get rid of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) from the internet. What a calamity of a project in the end that just caused more problems than help it gave the web. Get rid of it. Turn on the lights.

WordPress is Web 3.0 anyway.

With respect to the above, whether or not they are keeping it or getting rid of it.

Heads will roll if Google keep stacking up these vicious losses.

That CEO comes across as a wise man and unfortunately he knows if more must go, they must go. Turn on the lights.

As the performance from Google this year has been poor.

Very poor.

It is not nice to fire anyone but sometimes that’s just the roll of a dice when businesses are not doing as well as they should.

You may think that is harsh but sometimes you have to discipline some people to be kind to people.

In a balanced business manner only.

Not enjoyable or spiteful at all but if some have to go they have to go.

In more burning big Tech, Twitter as a company is gone into desperation mode trying to force the Musk guy to buy them.

As they know they are defunct on the security side.

People are just people but some heads will roll once more unfortunately.

It’s for the best overall.

The appropriate judges and legal advisors on the case would want to disregard the term ‘whistle blower’ as nothing more than made up spiel.

Replace it with ‘corruption revealer’ instead.

Then you’ll get more evidence at trial or in court one way or another on the huge number of bots that they are not telling the buyer about.

That’s it for Twitter.

They had a good run.

They will be gone in their current form.

As for Google, they’ll survive but they need to focus on startups and small business now in their key start up region here in Poland in Europe.

Poland and Polish people have done an awful lot for us all during this Russia Ukraine war and deserve good things to happen to them for the help to Ukraine in the biggest war since the second world war, but business-wise too — it just makes bloody sense.

After the art of death to big tech is in full affect this month the wheel always turns.

New tech needs to be created.

From big tech.

Why not.

Google can do this with all their structure here in Poland to great affect and conserve the losses.

It’s the right thing to do.

Don’t understand politics to be honest but never heard of something being the left thing to do or the left answer.

Only the right answer.

And the right thing to do.

And that’s nothing to do with politics either.

There’s room for all businesses and room for all people. Nobody better than anyone.

Life doesn’t owe you, your family, your business or your friends, or anyone – anything. Nothing worth doing or having should be easy.

Not a single thing.

Business is just business and people are just people.

What is happening now is a simple market correction.

Nothing more.

As for Italy, what a country.

What a people.

Most similar people ever to us no doubt about it.

Was painful to leave but mission complete for now in terms of availing of the opportunity to travel to an English speaking place for now at least.

Difficult to learn a new language at this age.

On an aside note on Italy.

Saw recently Italy’s first woman prime minister will soon be Georgia Meloni who will surely do a great job.

As the current people there the last ten or twenty years only got good at exporting and losing young smart Italians.

That’s the only political thing that one could observe.

The Italian foreign minister Luigi Di Maio has a lot to answer for on his shoulders with respect to this. Turn on the lights on him.

Not just in the South but everywhere in Italy.

He needs to work with that woman Meloni more or get rid of him too.

Italy needs to be strong now and work together and get along not 7 different governments in 10 years.

No other country in the world has had that problem.

There are positives though.

Italy has one of the lowest inflation rates in the world at the moment (compare it to Argentina and Bulgaria and you’ll see the difference).

You think that was easy to achieve? Of course not.

Build on the positives.

Get rid of the negatives.

We are all a work in progress until the final day.

They just need some consistency now, Italy, that’s all.

All politics is garbage in the end and just too hard to understand.

Politics doesn’t exist and is just an illusion, alas.

No wonder so many Italians are depressed in Italy.

The good people of Sicily for instance (the vast majority) getting their island and cities literally run into the ground by a small few poor service and management. No good. A tiny per centage ruining it for the nearly 4-5 million Sicilians (some of the best people we’ve ever met God bless them), amazing people and place. Turn on the lights.

Whether places like Catania train station as regards the structure around it, some interesting individuals from Syracuse possibly now living in Bologna, some very interesting Egyptian lady in Catania – just blow up and demolish the rest of structure of some of the stuff not working there anymore. Simple.

Start from scratch otherwise just invest more in places like Napoli or elsewhere. Italy has so much potential it is unreal.

As some of the garbage you actually feel sorry for in the end. Help the garbagemen clean up. Good people. As the heat waves and falling down buildings are ruining it for everyone else and devaluing Italy as a whole also with the crazy changes in heat temperature.

Poor management and customer service the simple answers in the end.

Nothing else.

What a country though.

On the war news, Putin has lost the war now in terms of his objectives he set out.

Big mistake my him.

He has failed.

Russia need to move on without him and his small few cohorts in some manner.

Saw the Mexican President piping up recently about doing some sort of peace deal for Ukraine with the Pope allegedly or something — shut up amigo.

Didn’t that fella say he stays out of other countries fight news usually and now this?

If he causes problems in Mexico get rid of him.

We know he’ll see sense though.

Catholics great people and nothing wrong with Catholic churches but you think the bloody Pope is going to be the good guy to stop the Putin war in Ukraine?

You see now that many in Russia are now already trying to try Putin for treason against Russia?

You think they don’t know about the damage he and a small few others have done for years to Russia because of the unjustified barbaric war of our time in Ukraine?

Do us a favor.

Focus on the good people of Mexico and Mexicans.

Take care.

Also, good guy President Erdogan of Turkey, surely he sees now the failure of Putin and needs to think about the other nations that can help Turkey post what will happen to Putin’s Russia.

Upon final analysis on this update, as we come towards the end of the year it looks like Putin and his cohorts will well and truly lose now in the big fight in Ukraine as some suggested he would.

By any definition.

Ukraine are an inspiration to us all.