Why Putin Really Invaded Ukraine

As the dust settles on the crushing losses Putin is facing in Ukraine (400 Russians lost today so far reportedly) and within Russia (as they don’t want to die for Putin) among his own people it is clear what his plan was this year now.

Two things namely.

Land grab of Ukraine and more from the former Soviet Union if he could get away with it after Ukraine.

Which he didn’t.

It backfired completely on him.

Secondly, to use the war to buy time to create a new financial system in the background here’s the reason he really invaded Ukraine:


Alternative to the SWIFT international payments system.

He could care less about Ukraine in ruins and even his own nation in ruins.

Power and money and land grab, evil at its most easy to explain.

Just shut the bloody thing down before it even gets going.

Investors in the East and West involved in such dealings surely will have a very bad time ahead otherwise.

Who knows what that system could be a part of some sort of global chip for people around the world to track and trace them in a new global order, who knows – won’t work in that aspect though with how Putin was trying it.

No way.

Don’t need his gas or energy — look at the amazing job some countries have done – Germany getting new energy in the Middle East — brilliant.

The world will go on without tyrant Putin.

No worries.