Forget Giving Snowden Back His American Passport In Russia

Everyone makes mistakes and gets things wrong.

Ourselves included.

We got it wrong on Edward Snowden as Putin today is giving him citizenship in Russia.

This story today speaks volumes at the moment in the Russia Ukraine war:

Sure let him stay there in Russia. He’s obviously happy to stay in Russia — who are very much in the wrong in the Ukraine war.

Him being made a Russian citizen today tells you everything you need to know.

Cold winter there this year Snowden.

Many people often times criticize America as too spoilt as a culture sometimes but when you meet the good people there, like anywhere, in any country, they are very good.

America spot on in light of this Russia Ukraine war and the badness from Russia in it who must be held to account.

Not to judge Snowden above, just his actions in terms of why America considered him a traitor.

They proved right.

In a similar school of thought and information war front — Julian Assange maybe a different story though — who knows — that’s for the appropriate authorities decide.