China Make An Interesting Move With Australian Government

Maybe some of the dumbest and stupidest people on Earth in the world in terms of incompetence and corruption in the war news this year were and still are – the Australian and New Zealand governments.



Both seem to be really dim witted.

As they realize the danger they were both in from tyrant President Xi of China.

Now it appears tyrant Xi is backing down not only from Taiwan – but from Australia too:

Good for him.

Some Australian dummies will probably never know how close they came to completely finishing up this year as a nation.

China were close to putting them next on their agenda after Taiwan surely.

It would have been like shooting fish in a barrel easy work and dancing on their heads for fun too for China — were it not for alliances made in the region this year.

For the sake of idiot corrupt leaders in New Zealand and Australia in particular.

Both of who’s countries citizens and media domestically in Australia and New Zealand will continue to turn on their leaders as time goes on as the lights are now well and truly turned on – on them.