China, India, Brazil and Gabon Cut Themselves Off From Everyone After Move On UN Security Council In Russia Ukraine War

As the vast majority of the world supports Ukraine from the barbaric civilian-targeting led Putin Russian war in Ukraine this year, only a tiny few nations in the end have cut themselves off alongside Putin.

At a vote at the UN Security council here it was reported that China, India, Brazil and Gabon abstained from voting on Putin’s sham referendums with Russia vetoing.

Those countries have now clearly shown their support for Putin and Russia.

They need to be dealt with in every single possible way as harshly as Putin’s Russia is.

They have chosen now their side of Russia and are involved financially in business with Russia – they are part of the war.

However, the vote was supported by Albania, Britain, France, Ghana, Ireland, Kenya, Mexico, Norway, the UAE, and the USA.

As Putin can now see both the East and the West have united. Not just Europe and the West.

But the vast majority of the East now too.

Good people around the world have stood up to him.

They have zero fear of his doomed dwindling plans.

As they burn in fire and flames every second, minute and every moment for him.