Philippines Get New Support In Indo Pacific Region Against Illegal Chinese Coercion

As not only Taiwan have come under threat from China this year unreasonable sentiment at different times was also expressed at Australia by China.

In the war news in the region.

Now the Philippines have received new support from the US.

Alliances from countries around the world in the region against Chinese aggression moving forward to end it in the region:

Apt remarks here on the above:

The talks between the two defense leaders are based on the shared vision “of an open secure and prosperous Indo-Pacific, free from coercion or bullying,” – Austin said during remarks after the meeting.

The Indo Pacific is becoming a more safe place all the time not just for Taiwan.

But for all countries in the region who may have tried to have been influenced before by China.

Through financial or technological manufacture made in China goods coercion.

That card won’t be available to President Xi and his cohorts again.