Putin Will Be Severely Punished By UN Security Council – The East and The West Together – For Trying To Annex Ukraine – Russia or International Courts Must Put Vladimir Putin, Maria Zakharova and Sergey Lavrov To Trial To Avoid The End Of Russia

President Putin of Russia in the war news against Ukraine and spreading in Europe will be punished shortly.

By both the East and the West.

In a way never before seen in humanity’s history.

Combined together in the most severe forms available.

The President of Ukraine said he once again is willing to dialogue of course with Russia.

But not with Putin as the current President.

After no one recognized his staged hoax saying he had annexed territories in Ukraine.

That simply isn’t true and is not what happened.

No one recognizes it as fact.

Or an honest account of what is happening or happened.

Therefore the Ukraine President above makes a reasonable suggestion.

Talk to Russia again once Putin is overthrown and tried for treason by the Russian authorities.

Along with his head of Propaganda/press.

Who walked out of the UN recently anyway as they don’t care about the charter.

And his head of UN foreign policy/security council representative. Try the three of them in the courts internationally specifically after the Russian authorities and new government deal with them.

Vladimir Putin, Maria Zakharova and Sergey Lavrov.

That’s the only way peace talks will begin.

Upon objective viewing of the war.

Putin must be punished on a united front not just between the EU, America, Canada, Australia, Japan and more in the East.

It must go much further and faster.

He sows mayhem and misinformation to work quicker than the above organizations.

Not anymore though.

They are wise to his game now and can move as quick as him if they want.

But also now the likes of Mexico, the UAE, Turkey, Norway and many others on the Security Council will allow the East and the West to meet in a way never before seen in history.

To punish Putin for what he is attempting to do by barbarism and targeting of civilians constantly on ongoing basis in Ukraine.

He must be punished and his leadership must dissolve for him for any chance of peace talks to occur.

With Putin as the leader it is clear now as Ukraine speed up membership for NATO and new members of NATO joining – everything must be coordinated against Putin.

At an accelerated pace in the United Nations security council.

The UN Security Council must vote unanimously to remove Russia and anyone supporting Putin’s Russia.

India and China too who abstained from the vote showing they support Putin must be removed from the UN Security Council.

East and West.

Russia must bring the three names above to trial or the appropriate international authorities must to avoid Russia being ended.

As a mass exodus away from Putin from Russians as far as possible occurs.

As a mass exodus out of Russia occurs.