Watch: Ukraine Hold Drills Near Putin European Ally

The current closest ally in the war in Europe to the Putin invasion of Ukraine is Belarus who’s leadership is scarcely supported in Belarus.

Now the Ukraine are ramping up drills along the border all the time:

That border is surely key strategically in the war as Ukraine continue to win in Ukraine.

If Putin continues to lose he may try something on that border.

So best to nip it in the bud before it even happens.

Belarus is a legitimate target for NATO to destroy in the war – only if it uses airfields to send troops or the fight to Ukraine. Let Ukraine into NATO following their application as soon as possible.

From a military point of view those Belarus military targets – only the military targets should be wiped out instantly by NATO.

If it happens along the border.

End it.

Only the military targets if Putin attempts anything there.

They’ll just have to be taken out of the equation too.