Germany Get Confrontational With Putin’s Failing Russia

In an unlikely turn of events recently Germany and America started working together in the war against Putin’s war in Ukraine.

As Putin continues to lose he still somehow is sending his own people as cannon fodder to Ukraine who are getting slaughtered because of him.

Germany have turned confrontational now with Putin and have had enough of Putin as this stage:

They see the writing on the wall for Putin now.

The carnage he is causing Germany now in particular.

Putin planned some of this against Germany quite some time back.

He has a long disdain of Germany and Germans that goes way back.

The Germans know it too.

Putin despises Germany and the Germans as much as anyone, which many don’t seem to talk about in the media.

It all goes back to the collapse of the former Soviet Union and more.

Germany have woken up now to what he is trying to do them as a nation, Germans as a people, and, his own Russian people.