Ukraine Not Happy With Elon Musk

Celebrity businessman Elon Musk comes across as a good individual but his comments drew anger from Ukraine in the ongoing war in Russia in recent days.

Not just from their President but many of their Statesmen and the Ukrainian people – who are only gaining in support in the East all the time (as well as the West).

The best thing for Musk to do is close his deal with Twitter as quickly as possible to allow full freedom of speech/expression protected under the UN Charter to:

  • Immediately eliminate all censorship in Western and Eastern media.
  • Get rid of the censors at Twitter, the CEO and more of the teams at Twitter responsible for the censorship.
  • Get rid of them. Fire them to cut costs.
  • This will get rid of overheads and cut costs.
  • Add things like Rumble or YouTube to the platform to make it more profitable.
  • Unban all the politically charged accounts that were banned.
  • On condition they adhere to common sense practices inclusive of all people, diverse sentiment and viewpoints under international law.
  • Outlined by Musk, his new team and in keep with international laws/UN charter.
  • Get rid of the bots.
  • Give advertisers more value for their money.
  • On a cleaner, more freedom of speech allowing platform.
  • This will attract new investment.
  • And create a lot of new small tech companies too.
  • It’s time.