Watch: Ron DeSantis and Joe Biden Put On Show Of Unity

While current President of the United States Joe Biden has had a number of his mishaps – and his administration, bureaucrats at the White House specifically – have been and are terrible – he did something today very different with Republican candidate Ron DeSantis:



That’s something kind of different.

Freedom of speech, democracy and equality right there.

Trump always wishes Biden well – finally – Biden is doing similar for Republicans.

As he knows now it will be a Republican senate and next government.

He wants what’s best for America.

If every sovereign nation embraced sentiment like the above today, maybe things will get a little better one day in the world.

Every country is different with different histories.

Alas, they are all quite brilliant and unique in their own ways.

In a world full of different wars in different regions now – inspiring stuff surely for anyone the above – from those two men.