Watch: Military Expert Says It Is Hard To See How Putin Can Survive As Moscow Politicians Start To Walk Out On Him

Mediation and de-escalation in the Russia Ukraine war the Ukraine President said can begin straight away recently by decree.

Through mediation with other nations as soon as a new President of Russia other than Putin is there.

That is now being brought about finally – as a military expert reveals only today Moscow politicians are starting to walk out on Putin now.

Due to recently a politician dying and the constant affliction Russia is under because of Putin:

That’s big.

As Moscow politicians walk out on Putin his support will dwindle quickly in Russia.

A real uprising and revolution happening now in Russia.

Once Putin is out of the equation mediation and de-escalation and an end to the war can start straight away to end the war and bring about peace.

Per the Ukraine President’s decree recently.

Mr. Zelensky must hold firm and stay in place.

Not move and stand firm to honor his decree as now the Putin regime is degrading per the above.

Falling apart per the above no less.

Once a new Russian leader is quickly put in place then a number of countries can help.

From the likes of Turkey and Saudi Arabia to mediate.

Mediate between Ukraine and Russia with the new leader of Russia put into place.