Illegal Chinese Police Station In Ireland Shut Down As Holland and More Hit Chinese Authorities, Chinese Students and Citizens Overseas

Illegal Chinese police stations with illegal Chinese authorities continue to get shut down in countries across the world.

The latest being Ireland and also the Chinese are starting to get hit in Holland and elsewhere:

You’re going to much more of that.

Erasmus exchange students from China and in other nations around the world continue to get pursued in countries around the world too.

They will regret even thinking about certain illegal actions right about now.

Quite funny actually. Humorous.

As well as researchers, lecturers and university funding sources worldwide and Embassies.

Issuing documents for travel and duration of stays of aforementioned individuals.

Mr. Xi of China proved his tyrant status this week in China by shutting off everyone else in the Communist Party from competition.

Chinese citizens and authorities in Embassies in Europe, Mexico, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and more continue to get hit.

Returning Chinese authorities, their technology and their citizens back to their country of origin in many instances.