Last Of Mainstream Media Reuters Now Even No Longer Reliable On Russia Ukraine War News – Only 4 Truly Independent Sources On The Russia Ukraine War Remain and Still Standing

Once thought to be the last of an already dwindling industry, mainstream media/news, now even Reuters is no longer reliable. Look, nothing is totally reliable or perfect of course but Reuters has got some stuff very wrong this week. Mainstream media is improving at the moment overall but good to stick with independent sources on many things.

They reported this week that Russia’s Putin looked relaxed – when the reality was he was not.

There are many other examples of this once trusted source of news now no longer being accurate in the Russia Ukraine war.

The reality is Putin’s grip on power continues to dwindle as Ukraine free their land. Ukraine have said peace talks can begin once Russian army forces depart Ukraine or Russia have a new leader.

Those are the only two ways the war ends. Nothing else.

The trusted sources of news for the Russia Ukraine war whom interact on the ground with the official Ukrainian defense ministry and others – we have found are – who are independent:

And even from Russia Moscow Times quite good mostly:

Independent news outlets – the above four – for the most part.

Like anything else, nothing perfect – but the best ones that remain standing at this point.

For official numbers on Russian enemy personnel destroyed and weapons destroyed – the official Ukrainian ministry of defense site is the main place:

At the end of the day Ukraine are on the right side of this war.

If you want to be objective, not condone the war, nor exploit it or dismiss it, you have to be on the side of Ukraine and their President.

They represent the good.

Putin’s Russia the bad and evil.

There is no in between.

It is that simple.

Like social media, which is also complete garbage and rubbish now for this war in Ukraine – unfortunately even Reuters not reliable much now.

For independent sources, nothing wrong with some mainstream media still – but for independent sources – stick with the above four independent sources.