Watch: Russian Political Scientist Dissects Putin’s Lies and Raises Questions On Putin’s Health With Marks On His Right Hand

Putin’s Russian invasion of Ukraine was unprovoked, illegal, attempted genocide and barbaric state sponsored terrorism.

As of yet – the Russian occupiers have still not departed Ukraine.

Now a Russian political scientist has offered expert opinion on the state of Putin’s latest lies and also new health concerns for Putin with marks on his right hand:

Putin has shown much transparent physical, mental and cognitive deterioration since the start of the invasion.


Upon reasonable, balanced, objective analysis since the start of the invasion.

Something which Putin and Russia said would never happen.

Nor invade anyone.

That didn’t happen and Putin also showed genuine signs of wanting to invade other countries if he was given success in Ukraine.

That would have been the start of World War III – a much worse alternative then Ukraine defending its land and nations around the world rightly supporting them.

Over time Putin’s grip on power continues to disintegrate.