Russia Prepare To Withdraw Artillery From Kherson As Complete Destruction Of Russia As A Country and People Rapidly Accelerates

More occupiers’ bodies and corpses continue to be liquidated.

As Ukraine frees all of its land the scrap heap is getting bigger for Russian assets.

So much so they are getting ready to move some artillery out of Kherson:

The continued demolition and destruction of all Russian military assets in Ukraine and in any neighboring countries will only continue.

The longer they stay in Ukraine.

Russian forces are advised to depart immediately and withdraw from all areas of Ukraine to avoid total destruction of the nation of Russia.

In all aspects.

It will happen.

NATO must destroy all Russian and Belarusian personnel or any Russian legitimate military assets in any country in Europe now.

If Russia do not remove all forces from Ukraine they must and will be wiped off the map completely as a nation and people.

Erased from the Earth militarily. This is due to them still not getting rid of Putin as their leader and also still being in the territory of Ukraine.

Those are the only two choices and way the war ends otherwise Russia must be totally erased from Earth in all aspects as they are now putting everyone at risk.

The demolition is what is right for Ukraine to defend their land and free it completely from the occupiers.

Today is the time for a brutal military response from NATO and all partners in Europe to wipe out all Russian military assets.

Until they depart military forces from Ukraine or have a new leader other than Putin.

Make it so.

So be it.