Total Annihilation Of Putin’s Family, His Friends, Anything Connected With Him Personally, All Russian Monuments, Heritage Statues, Russian Culture, Assets Associated With The Russian Race and People In All Countries Funding or Supporting The War In Any Way – Is Now Militarily Appropriate and Prudent To End – Given Current Russian Leader Putin Still Being In Place As He Has Done The Same To Ukrainians – Fair Legal Warfare Now

Wars are always never wanted by most civilized people but when weak evil people like Putin come along, unfortunately, they are unavoidable. Good people of Earth must be protected from these tyrants like Putin. They must be stood up to.

All the things these stupid politicians argue over. It’s hilarious. Fools. You don’t have to dispute nothing. Saying democracy is only liberals or democracy is only conservatism. True democracy, true freedom of speech and true inclusion – is inclusion of all views in a balanced legal manner. Let the markets decide then. The customer is always right in the end.

As for Putin’s motives – evil, money and power. Not hard to figure out.

He must be dealt with appropriately as per changing methods and new rules of engaging in modern warfare that have changed in 2022. The hunter must hunt. With respect to Russians and everyone else hunting this Putin down. And his family and friends. One by one. Putin must be hunted down like the dog he is.

The new rules of engagement in war have changed due to Putin this year. He has upset all countries and all people somehow or someway. This Putin man really is a true piece of garbage and dirt. He is a mistake that humanity should have never had to have call part of the human race. Some (not all) of the individuals in the Chinese CCP too.

These are different war times from previous rules of engagement long ago. It calls for different methods of warfare, deterrence, self defense engagement – for the good of the good people of Earth.

As the complete annihilation of all things Russian culture, Russian history, Russian monuments and Statues, continue to get demolished in countries around the world – this is the next step in the military response to stopping the war.

To force Russia to get rid of Putin or depart from Ukraine and begin sensible dialogue then with the Ukrainian President.

Who Putin sickeningly, disgustingly – never even acknowledges.

Since Putin invaded Ukraine – Putin started all of this.

By trying to commit genocide on Ukraine.

Not happening.

No way.

Now he is seeing much worse things legally under terms of new warfare rules.

That have changed now.

Due to his war tactics by him.

Actually now take place to him.

People close to him, his family, his friends and more.

Even if people think they are connecting with Putin.

Putin will have to work very hard at this point with anything.

Or anyone he even comes close in eye sight contact with.

That’s how much trouble he’s in.

This is the next step in the military legal destruction of Vladimir Putin and his small regime.

The good people of Russia deserve better than him.

Anything is better than him, whatever it is.

It will allow then for dialogue to occur to end the war in some sort of ceasefire deal on both sides – and help nations around the world.

Only (1) Without Putin

(2) Or with the occupiers back in Russia.

Putin cannot be trusted to represent the Russian State.

He must be removed.

This is a start as people in Russia continue to take away Putin’s power:

Things will get much worse for Putin though guaranteed.

It is what must be done.