Cyber Attack Reader Update – Dreamhost – Christopher Ghazarian and Michael Rodriguez To Be Hunted Down In The US

To our readers on this particular site.

Please excuse the delay on getting back.

We could not do much the last couple of weeks due to cyber attacks amid the war – issues with an old server company – Dreamhost.

For various legal reasons – they are done in due course.

Their CEO Michael Rodriguez and General Counsel Christopher Ghazarian will be hunted down in LA, Dallas and right across the US.

And the world if needs be (in the East too) due to ongoing investigations by the appropriate authorities and people, not just in the US, and by big corporations, in the East (and West).

No worries – we are back online with this particular site now.

Excuse the delay again.

Working with much larger organizations now.

Things are much better already.

For a few other sites too soon.

To ensure the last couple of weeks does not happen again.

Thanks for your patience.

Have a great day.

Thanks and take care.