Watch: America and China Talk To One Another Again In Different Terms and Tone Now

China were quite confrontational to America previously.

For various reasons in the America vs China fight this year, Mr. Xi of China was not that way inclined this time:

Yeah, yeah.


At the end of the day the illegal Chinese police stations and use of technology against West and East, their bullying of Taiwan, Japan, Australia and others – is wrong.

Their association in any way with Putin is wrong.

Talk is cheap.

Define the new rules of order, competition and engagement clearly by both sides.

Then also include how they are used in the modern warfare world – in carnage like the Russia Ukraine war.

Something that effects us all.

Something China is still not flat out condemning.

As the new world takes shape including all sovereign nations, China must understand rulers are not tyrants.

That there is a key distinction in that.

In defining the new rules of the road.

Moreover, Germany and France in Europe would be putting their nation in serious danger if they deal with Communist China in some aspects:

There must be a balance.