Watch: Unelected Klaus Schwab Of The World Economic Forum Causes Genuine Concern Amid Russia Ukraine War Amid Chip Manufacturing Increases

Each to their own on beliefs but over the next fifty years it is thought we are living in the final days of Earth – the potential for the mark of the beast – might be in chip manufacturing.

Some suggested easily planted under the human skin.

Connected to the financial system of the time.

Others suggest that they would interface with the human brain.

Indeed this is no longer conspiracy theory and is being discussed.

By organizations like the World Economic Forum.

Who are not elected by any people of the world and are a special interest group that lobby governments like this again recently:


Sovereign nations and people will need to make their minds up.

Do they want to take orders from the above who they have not voted for or elected?

Amid the Russia Ukraine war, opportunists like the Biden administration and the above – are cleverly coming onto the scene.

More and more.

During the war.

Dropping hints on what is to come next.

Why do you think that is?

To call all of the above just conspiracy theories now would make anyone a fool.

These are all things being actually discussed now.