Musk and New Twitter Team Take The Company To Instant Success As Failure Mastodon Platform Flops

Amid the Russia Ukraine war information itself has become an issue and is being cleaned up in the new version of the web and tech industry.

Alleged richest man in the world Elon Musk purchased a company known as Twitter recently and his new team have been doing huge numbers already – clearly working as a team together:

Team work makes the dream work. They’re going to make it.

While way more new companies form also. There is something there for everyone.

It will be exciting to see what they offer for publishers and independent news platforms also for more balance.

For healthy competition.

Upon reasonable observation from many so far – platforms like Mastodon however are already getting much negative user feedback.

Things will get better. Peace during war times very possible.

The future is always bright and the glass is always half full as the new world taking shape in the East and West really comes to life now.

(Photo credit: Elon Musk Twitter)