Photo Of Elderly Ukrainian Couple Shows Love Conquers All During Putin War

Putin’s barbaric war in Ukraine has targeted civilians from old people to even torturing kids.

Putin is a real piece of work who’s timing coming to an end but this photo of the day of an old couple shows love always conquers all darkness:

Real light and love conquers all.

The Ukrainians will not be defeated and Putin will fall one way or another. On a personal note for him personally – his power won’t last.

No matter the darkness of the skies in Ukraine at the moment with the power effect – their light and spirit cannot be stopped.

No way.

Ukraine will bring about peace when Putin is gone or their country is free.

Otherwise countries around the world can expect to have more wars from similar tyrants to Putin who think they get away with it.

They won’t though.

(Photo credit: Eddy van Wessel)