Watch: Day Of Judgement and Reckoning On The Way For Criminal Joe Biden and His Son – Biden Crime Cartel To Be Hunted

With the numbers are still rolling in on how much the now FTX fraud crypto scam was donating to current Commander-In-Chief of America Joe Biden’s Democrat Party, he is in the worst trouble of his life.

The FTX scam is easily the biggest story of all time and in all history for reasons that will become more clear soon.

That FTX scam was the worst thing that could happen during the Russia Ukraine war for Biden and this is accurate:

Criminal Biden and his son will both face the full force of judgement and reckoning in due course.

Both he and his son will not escape as sure as day follows night – turn on the lights on this:

The Biden family criminal syndicate is in for a rude awakening soon.

The Biden cartel and regime with the FTX collapse is easily one of the biggest scams in American and world financial history.

What a time for the collapse to happen during the Russia Ukraine war.

A little bit more here on what was really going on: