Hungary Prime Minister Lands Himself In Trouble In Russia Ukraine War

Putin stealth ally/blood money/Putin energy money accepter – Hungarian Prime Minister Orban – is in trouble again.

Now with Ukraine in the war following:

No good. Dismiss their diplomats.

If Donald Trump supports that Orban again after this he can say goodbye to his Presidential run. If he knows what’s good for him Trump will shut the heck up supporting this Orban ever again. Orban is no good by taking the blood money from Putin.

Due to the nature of the killing business and war business Orban is making his country a real target now by the EU and NATO the more of this goes on.

Get rid of him. Elect someone else. Or get him to change his mind and convince him otherwise by talking to him. And also stop propping up Putin’s war machine with accepting Putin energy. Sanction Hungary.