Judge Rules Investigations Into White House To Begin Over Collusion With ‘Big Tech’ Amid War

The term ‘Big Tech’ is changing in the new Web 3.0 forming at the moment.

During the back drop of the Russia Ukraine war – the biggest war in world history since the second world war.

The White House Biden administration and behind the scenes deep State US government workers are beginning to get hunted down one by one.

At their places of work and/or but not limited to family home.

This however (below) is just a front person that is being looked at for now. She really would be far more innocent then the other very, very heavy hits to come in Washington:


Very interesting given the context, though.

The judge must look at all factors and realize that woman was just doing what she was told to do.

She quit The Whitehouse ahead of all this stuff starting – but the above will give the judge intel into finding the behind the scenes deep State workers who gave the orders.

Find them.

Hit them.

With appropriate justice.