NATO Set To Designate Russia A Terrorist State – EU Close To Doing Same

NATO took their time but are coming on strong now and making a move on Putin’s Russia.

There are reports they are set to shortly designate Russia as an official terrorist State in the international order of the world:

More here:

Very strong and accurate move when it happens.

The EU are now also close to doing the same:

The above will have serious consequences in Europe at some point.

They may include things like:

  • Ban of all Russian nationals from residing, traveling or working in any EU country in Europe.
  • Shutting down of all Russian embassies on the Continent of Europe.
  • Returning all diplomats to Russia at the expense of Putin’s terrorist state.
  • Closure of all Russian embassies.
  • Statesmen to no longer deal with actors perceived as indirect business entities with Russia.
  • Up to and including no trade investments being allowed with anyone direct or indirect in the Russian State.
  • Removal of all Russian culture, former soviet union monuments and artifacts from all European States.
  • The United States to follow all moves in the same fashion as NATO and Europe.
  • Closing off all doors to all travel to Russian nationals to travel to European EU states.
  • Being designated a terrorist State is a serious move and NATO have commenced the action on Putin’s State Sponsored terrorism (very late though, should have been done sooner).
  • The above could all be done until Russia fully depart Ukraine.
  • Or put in place until a new leader other than Putin is in Russia.
  • To allow for dialogue to occur per the Ukrainian decree.
  • Moreover, giving appropriate time for the Hague International Court to bring more of Putin and his associates to justice.