Watch: Russian Soldier Pretends To Surrender Then Starts Shooting Them In The Back

The biggest war in the world currently is seeing Ukraine continue to have success militarily over Russia. Not to mention the Russian federation being crippled economically worldwide and Russian wealth taken away.

As well as natural disaster coming to Russia.

This moment here debunks some Putin propaganda but also shows a point where a solider surrendering, well, appearing to – then begins to shoot at people behind their back:

Brutal stuff.

The appropriate commercial players may have continued success in honing their efforts to continue to make Russian elites displeased with Putin.

Putin doesn’t care about the above soldiers he uses as cannon fodder.

Hit him in things that will make him take notice. Like The Moscow Stock Exchange.

The Russian financial system keeps finding loop holes which need to be shut down. Devalue their investment assets. Putin is struggling to fund his war. Cut the loopholes.

After closing the loopholes – the Moscow Stock Exchange should be the main target.