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While some believe belts are no longer important in modern day boxing we respectfully think otherwise. They still form a part of the sport’s history. A full and comprehensive boxing world champions list of all modern day active professional male world boxing champions can be found below.

Boxing as a sport has a long history of great world champions, that much is certain and is important.

However, due to the confusion of so many belts and title holders in different weight classes they have become less important.

Not just to the casual fan but hardcore fight fans alike.

Across the board on both sides of the pond.

The solution to the quagmire is complex.

Perhaps unfixable.

Never say never, though.

The three main governing bodies on this page we focus on are the WBC, WBA, WBO, IBO and IBF.

There are a number of different versions of some of the belts above.

For this purposes of this page we will always stick with the main champion in each one.

Indeed, the above is a minor symptom of route causes of issues that undermine the administration of the sport.

I would imagine world titles will always be important in some shape or form.

Whatever way they might manifest in reality in the years ahead.

It is hard to say.

We will remain hopeful and positive about some constructive changes in this area of boxing moving forward.

On a bigger scale, nowadays, it could be argued that fans just want to just see the best fight the best.

Regardless of what belt they are fighting for.

However some uniformity of communication in perception of world champions would be welcome.

Clarity is key in all sports and businesses alike.

Everyone following a sport needs to know who the best is in a given weight class.

Belts used to do this but these days it is only when a fighter unifies them or attains a majority that this concept seems to be plausible.

For now here are the current list of world champions as we see it in modern professional boxing you can find them here at BoxRec updated constantly below:

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