Khan Overcomes Spirited Algieri

Khan Overcomes Spirited Algieri

Khan Overcomes Spirited Algieri

I asked the question in my last article “Was Khan too focused on Mayweather?.” I think on last night’s performance, that Amir needs to FORGET about Mayweather.


Algieri is a good fighter and he proved that, although I had Khan winning the fight by three rounds, I still believed Algieri was the more aggressive and landed the heavier of the blows.

He roughed up Khan at times and made him look really uncomfortable. He was doing enough of a job for Virgil Hunter to be very animated in the corner, even screaming at Khan “Do what I tell you!”.

Khan was the more skillful and technical of the two, but he lacked enough power to earn Algieri’s respect and was too easy to be hit. Algieri constantly bore down on Khan, making it an overall difficult night for him.

Khan at the end of the fight, called out Mayweather (which was expected), but on that performance, Mayweather would probably be sitting there thinking, “Easy fight for my last one” (Even Brook would be laughing).

I believe Khan needs to just let it go and move on at this point. He’s in a good position to be a force in the welterweight division in the coming years and frankly, he doesn’t need to be embarrassed by Floyd.

Khan needed to make a statement last night and he didn’t. He needed a ‘standout performance’, but it looked anything but that.

You could argue that Khan’s mind wasn’t on the job and that against Mayweather you’ll get the best out of him, but for Mayweather’s last fight, he’ll want something that will get the fans excited and generate huge revenue. Against Khan, that’s a bit unlikely.

Amir ‘King’ Khan needs to massively improve on this performance if he is to challenge Mayweather and if he does get the fight, I can’t see it being anything but a Mayweather boxing lesson.

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