Sergio Martinez Retires From Boxing

Sergio Martinez Retires From Boxing

sergio martinez retires from boxing

The great Argentinian middleweight has officially announced his retirement from the sport.


The news was delivered at the 2015 international boxing hall of fame celebrations as great fighters, past and present, gathered from around the globe, where Sergio broke the news on his Twitter account.

This came after months of speculation after his defeat against Miguel Cotto on June 7th, 2014.

The Argentinian boxer was considered the best boxer within his weight class prior to facing persistent injuries – in particular, knee injuries.

Before his defeat against Cotto, Martinez held the WBO, WBC, and The Ring Middleweight titles. Cotto won the WBC and The Ring middleweight belts afer their bout. Martinez was stripped of the WBO title after his refusal to vacate the WBC Light Middleweight title.

Sergio “Maravilla” Martinez’ start in the sport was a bit more unique than most boxers. Maravilla started off as a soccer player, but at the age of 20, began to follow the family tradition of taking up boxing.

Martinez showed that he was a natural talent, as within five weeks of taking up the sport, he had his first amateur bout against Jose Pisani and emerged victorious.

Martinez earned the nickname “Maravilla”, meaning “Marvelous One”, due to his crowd-pleasing style.

Despite the fact he took up boxing late, his achievements within the sport were considerable and will live long into the memory of fight fans around the world.

An exemplary world champion, perhaps best summed up by his former promoter Lou Di Bella who had this to say:

Sergio Martinez Retires From Boxing

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